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Founded in 1825

   In his book, Rev. William Cullen Nowell  (1867-1881)  wrote   “At the beginning of this dark and unsettled period, I was called to preach at the Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church in Nash County. In the summer of 1866 a great revival broke out in that church that will long be remembered." 

    The history of Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church dates back 198 years. There have been over 40 Pastors, and at one point 200 members. The church building once faced the Raleigh Wilson Road and was turned around to face the Middlesex Road in 1934. A new wing was added providing classrooms for Sunday school.
     In early 1950, a new steeple was added as well as the installation of heating and A/C. The church began making plans for the first homecoming to be held sometime in the year 1955. The church members started donating money to install memorial windows in memory of past members in 1959. In 1961 the church records were sent to the North Carolina Department of Archives in Raleigh.
    As the years went by the church added many new upgrades and amenities such as the baptistry, a new organ, kitchen, and restrooms. The church felt the need to provide a home for the Pastor and his family so land across the street was purchased and the parsonage was built and also a lighted sign added to the church grounds in 1985. 
    While the church has seen many changes over the years, one thing has remained the same and that is our love for our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our love and concern for each other. 

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